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sculls and sweeps

S 3 Intermediate Sculls and M1 Intermediate Sweeps

S3 Intermediate Sculls are extremely robust by having a low weight (about 1500 grams). The shaft stiffness is close to S2 Superlights and the greater mass in the shaft improves durability. The S3 is less sensitive in high winds and bad weather. Using these sculls, you have more weight in hand than rowing with Superlights and they offer more stability during recovery.
Meanwhile a good number of Marathon-Freaks have chosen for S3 Intermediate Sculls, mostly fitted out as Medium-Smoothies with a fixed length of 2,89 m.

We stock S3 Intermediates as follows:

  • Medium-Slick-Blades (Smoothies), 2,89 m fixed length, either with rubber grips or with pure wooden handles.
  • Macon-Sculls, 2,98 m fixed length, either with rubber grips or with pure wooden handles.

We deliver M1 Intermediate Sweeps either with Slick-Blades (Smoothies) or with Macon-Blades and fixed length (total length as requested).

Against surcharge S3 Intermediate Sculls and M1 Intermediate Sweeps with variable length are also available.

Handle Sizes:

You can choose on all CROKER Sculls and Sweeps with adjustable handle between following handle diameters:

Sculls are available with grips in small (32 mm), intermediate (34 mm), medium (35 mm) and large (39 mm). Aside that you can also choose a medium (35 mm) or large (39 mm) pure wooden handle at sculls with fixed length.

Sweeps with adjustable handle are available with blue foam or with veneer on carbon handles. The diameters are 42-39 mm (small), 42 mm (medium) or 45-42 mm (large). Depending on their thickness, these handles are equipped with black, yellow or white end caps. Sweeps with a fix length are mostly fitted out with a 45 mm (large) pure wooden handle.

To find out your personal grip/handle size, please use our handle grip chart for sculls or sweeps.

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