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boathouse equipment

Since many years we are experienced in the installation of boathouse storage solutions which help to organize a safety and space saving storage of boats, oars, sculls and other rowing material.

The most suitable components are:

- Single Arm Boat Racks with Fix Arm and Rubber Padding Surface.

- Single Arm Boat Racks with Sliding Arm and Rubber Padding
Surface. The Slide Arm version is called "Opelit-Rack".

- Vertical U-Posts of galvanized steel.
In this Case the Racks are fixed at the vertical U-Posts by fix

- Horizontal U-Profiles of galvanized steel.
Multiple-Arm Boat Racking: The Combination of Vertical U-Posts
and horizontal U-Profiles allow a Multiple-Arm Boat Racking and
Boat Storing at nearly every position in your boathouse.

- Movable Bottom-Racks with 3 or 4 Rollers and Rubber Padding

- Scull and Oar Storage.

Our Scull and Oar hanging Storage Brackets are very helpful to store
Blades in boathouses save and at a minimum of space. Our system
allows to store up to 60 Sculls in a 2,00 x 1,00 m wall space and 48
Sweeps in a bracket of the same size.

- Storage for Gig-Boat Rudders.

- Storage for Flagsticks.

- Storage for Bow and Stern Covers of Gigs.

- Storage of Coxwain Seats of Gigs.

- Roller Steps for boat storage in upper Racks with 2 to 5 steps.

- Carriage for Gigs (Used for the transport of Gigs from Boathouse to
Float and back).

- Movable Carriage with 4 or 5 Racks in height to store 4 or 5 Singles.

- Detached external Racks with Rubber Padding Surface.

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